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MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver.3.0

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Ver.3.0

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. 3.0 Announced - First Images! (Release Date August 2013, Price: 4,500 yen)

(Translated by Google Translate, it's a mess. If anyone can provide a more accurate translation, it would be greatly appreciated!)

1995, have evolved the Bandai and "technology to movable plastic model", and creators user has been updated is three-dimensional by the fusion of "reality of mobile suits as a mechanic" to "RX-78-2 Gundam" MG was launched as the first.

Later, Ver.1.5, Ver.Ka, Ver.ONE YEAR WAR 0079, and Ver.2.0, RX-78-2 Gundam have supported the evolution of MG as a compilation of technologies from time to time.
MG and the shape of one of the MG that has continued to evolve "Ver.2.0" or later, was released in December 2012 is "ν Gundam Ver.Ka".

This kit has been introduced such as precision slide gimmick armor and parts division, a new technology was intended to suggest new possibilities of Gundam.
That the arrival point of this one, connecting into the future trial over several years, to evolve the MG Furthermore, the kit as MG a new RX-78-2 Gundam as a compilation of current essential it is had reached the stage.

2013, and for the future to find a new MG, is not only a fully reproduce the design of Gundam latest level as a "scale model in which the movable representation to elaborated," plus a new mobile interpretation, beyond the imagination in the aim of kit can feel the reality, MG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.3.0 is started.

Fusion of "interlocking exterior ultimate" and "movable range of the threat"
It is equipped to realize the basic mobile performance that exceeds the model Ver.2.0 before the "Removable armor system".

The added mobility in conjunction with internal armor parts also in the same system. By adding accents movable such as shoulder armor conventional was tend to interfere with moving, the degree of freedom of the movable are greatly improved.

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Modellista per Caso #17 - Chisel HQOParts

by Gundamax

Benritrovati, questa settimana scrivo una breve recensione di prima pelle su uno strumento da modellista che mi hanno consigliato due master come Lu8712 e AOr_or_die (che ringrazio;-), durante la mia trasferta palatina in occasione di Euroma. Si tratta del Chisel HQOParts:
Welcome back, this week I'm reviewing firsthand a truly interesting modeller tool suggested by two masters like Lu8712 e Aor_Or_Die (thanks;-), I met during my trip to Rome for Euroma event. I'm talking about Chisel HQOParts:

Il prodotto si trova su ebay nel negozio di HQOParts e viene venduto con una serie di 4 lame di misure variabili tra cui scegliere: da 0,15mm fino a 2mm. La mia selezione e' stata un misto da 0,2mm a 1,2mm.
You can find this product on HQOPart ebay store, this is sold with a set of 4 blades of different measures: from 0,15mm to 2mm. My selection was a set variable from 0,2mm to 1,2mm.

Ambiti di applicazione. Applications

Uno degli utilizzi di questa Chisel e' senza ombra di dubbio la creazione delle linee di pannello. Vi dico subito che non sono cosi' semplici da usare, si deve fare un bel po' di pratica. Per le linee di pannello si usano le lame piu' sottili (da 0,2mm a 0,5mm). Un paio di foto prima e dopo il panel lining.
One of the useful applications is panel lining. I've to say it's not easy at all, you have to practice. For panel lining you can use the thin blades (0,2mm to 0,5 mm). Here a couple of pics before and after panel lining.

L' utilizzo principale per cui questo strumento e' estremamente indicato e' la creazione di cesellature (intagli e incisioni). Per questa operazione consiglio l'uso di lame da 1,2mm a 2mm.
The main application for this tool is the engraving. Here the best options are the thicker blades (1,2mm to 2mm).

Prime impressioni d'uso. First hand Impressions

Ho provato brevemente questo strumento e devo dire che, come qualsiasi altro strumento di precisione, richiede pazienza ed applicazione. Devo ancora fare la mano sul panel lining ma devo dire che dopo un'iniziale disappunto sto cominciando ora a "capirlo". 
I gave a quick try to this tool and have to admit, as any other precision tool, requires patience and calm. Still have to gain control in panel lining and after a first negative impression I'm now changing my mind.

La cosa che invece mi ha stupito e' la realizzazione di incisioni, guardate un paio di esempi:
The very positive impression was about the engraving thing. take a look at the pics here:

Prima  / Before

Dopo / After

In definitiva si tratta di uno strumento molto utile ma con una curva di apprendimento medio-alta, insomma non crediate che lo strumento tiri da solo linee di pannello dritte o incida con precisione, sta al modellista metterci impegno e sudore ;-)
I can defenetly say this is a very good and useful tool, quite difficult to learn the skill, it will take time to manage it:-)

Alla prossima settimana / See you next week