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Siamo arrivati all'appuntamento numero 9, sono contento ma nello stesso momento dispiaciuto per alcuni episodi successi, ma comunque a noi del gundamdipendente ci piace essere fancazzisti fino alla fine e perciò si continua con la nostra avventura.

Due notizie veloci :

Two fast news:

1)Gunplanari del globo seguiteci perche' stiamo preparando il nostro nuovo contest che questa volta sarà aperto a tutto il mondo 

Gunpla builders of the world follow us' cause we are preparing our new contest that this time will be open to the whole world

2)Per questo GUNPLA TIME ho intervistato un modellista/blogger che noi tutti abbiamo almeno una volta incontrato durante le nostre serate a gogglare in cerca di ispirazione sia come modellisti che come blogger.

Devo dire che conoscerlo ''di persona'' e' stata' una bella esperienza ed ho scoperto una persona molto disponibile, sopratutto quando ha letto il mio inglese, ad uno scambio di idee ed informazioni.
For this Gunpla TIME I interviewed a modeller / blogger we all met at least once during our evenings gogglare in search of inspiration and as modelers and a blogger.

I must say that knowing kENNY '' in person'' was a great experience and I discovered a very helpful person, especially when he read my English, an exchange of ideas and information.

Con molta soddisfazione e grande orgoglio Vi Presento :


GD:Hello Toymaker, what's your real name and where do you come from?

TOY: My name is Kenny Lim and I am from the sunny island of Singapore! 
-GD: Did it first start your passion for Gunpla or your adventure as a blogger?

TOY: I started Gunpla in 2004 when I painted my first Gundam using borrowed equipment. I started to take notice when blogging became popular and joined in the fun. I was looking for a avenue to share my works and talk about Gundam and life. Blogging was the perfect answer. 
- What's your procedure in creating your Gunpla?

TOY : I guess its the same as everyone else. However, I spend more time in the design and modification stage since I seldom build Out-of-box (OOB).
GD: What modelling and scratch building tools do you use? Can you suggest someone?

TOY: I use a wide array of tools. You name it, I have it. The basic tools are usually a hobby knife, saws, pin vices. I am always on the lookout for new tools to make my job easier too. 
GD: Is your hobby starting to be a job for you?

TOY:No. A hobby is supposed to be relaxing and fun. And it should stay that way. 
GD: Why Gunpla is so popular in your country?

TOY: Over here a lot of people get to watch Gundam anime broadcasts weekly and this helps in their popularity. We also have a growing community of young modelers keeping the passion strong.
GD: Which Gundam series do you like and why?

TOY: I like the current Gundam Unicorn series. Lots of actions and the plot is pretty interesting as well. 

GD: Which Character and Mecha are your favorite?

TOY: Kira Yamato and Freedom Gundam. Nuff said... 
GD: What do you think about italian modelers? Do you like someone?

TOY: Ha, my Italian counterparts are a talented lot. I know Omar Zampetti and Enzo King De Luca. Both are accomplished modelers and very humble people! 

GD: Do you follow any foreigner blog or forum?

TOY:Oh yes, I follow lots of foreign blogs and participate in many forums from various countries. 

GD: Can you advice us how to improve our blog?

TOY: I think you guys did a very good job with the blog so far. Lots of pics of other modelers' works and Gunpla news. But depending on where your readers are from, it will help if there is an English version of the blog. 

GD: Can you say "Hello" in italian to all the "Gundam dipendente"'s friends?

TOY: Ciao a tutti i miei compagni di modellisti. Tenere 
 costruzione e la diffusione mre Gunpla amore! I hope I get this right LOL...

Thanks to Kenny and his availability, the entire staff of Gundamdipendente greets you :-)





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